Investigation of Cardiopulmonary Complications in Patients with Infection and Prevalence of Intubation in ICU with Radiological Point

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Amirhossein Jalali, Sara Hassani, Sannar Albuzyad, Ali Moaddab, Mahla Rajabzadeh


In this study, cardiopulmonary complications in patients with infection and the prevalence of intubation in ICU have been investigated. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world suffer from heart attacks. This new research shows that respiratory infections, whether mild or severe, can make some people susceptible to heart attacks. The results of the present study have shown that not only is shortness of breath common in these patients, but it also has a good diagnostic value and has a sensitivity of 83% and a specificity of 54%. This problem shows that the use of shortness of breath symptom is very helpful to identify critically ill patients, especially in emergency department triage. Patients with heart failure referred to the emergency department are triaged in order to identify critically ill patients. Triage decision-making is very important, because accurate triage can reduce mortality, while an error in this decision can seriously endanger the patient's life. How triage scales are able to correctly identify critically ill patients is questionable.

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