A Comprehensive Study of Cut Throat Injuries at a Tertiary Centre

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Dr. Elango K.M., Dr. Swetha H.R., Dr. Metri Rahul, Dr. Vinuth K.Murthy


Background: The incidence of trauma to the neck is on a rising trend in our society. Traumatic neck injuries comprise 5-10% of all trauma cases. A cut throat injury is a type of penetrating neck injury with a breach in nature, continuity of skin, soft tissues, larynx, and vital structures. Aim: To study the age, sex, distribution, and complications of cut throat injuries of the neck during the study period. Methods: It was a prospective observational study of patients admitted in the emergency department with cut throat injuries under Anaesthesia during the study period. Result: A Total of 24 cases were studied. 22 cases were males and 2 cases were females. With age distribution between 19yrs-55yrs with maximum cases between 21-25yrs. Commonest was accidental 12 cases(50%) , suicidal 8 cases(33.3%), homicidal(16.5%) 4cases. Most of the cases were intubated with an endotracheal tube  and the airway was secured by Anaesthetist. Conclusion: Cut throat injuries were most common among male population. RTA-road traffic accidents were the commonest cause. ZONE ll of the neck was the commonest site. Cause of death is the time lag between injury and treatment. Early intervention prevented complications.

Keywords: Cut throat injury, penetrating neck injury, tracheostomy, suicidal, laryngotracheal stenosis.

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