The effect of using a nutritional solution on the balance of some biochemical elements in the blood after completing the weight stage for advanced wrestlers

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Ahmed Nazar Fakhraldeen, Rafie Saleh fathi Al-Kubaisi


The process of rapid weight loss that occurs in most combat games and wrestling is one of these sports is of great importance. As the wrestler’s resort to a rapid weight loss process in the last day or two for the purpose of competing for a lower weight category, and thus he may get an advantage in strength against a competitor who is less powerful than him and for the purpose of delusions. Entering competitions and this process has side effects due to intentional starvation and thirst and participation in more than two training units during one day in order to reach the lowest weight category. Among these effects is blood imbalance due to the amount of water and mineral salts lost during the weight loss process. There is no doubt that the scientific progress in Sports sciences, including the physiology of sports training and nutrition, which clarified the importance of fluids and mineral salts for the athlete, how to replace lost fluids and salts, and maintain fluid balance in the body. Therefore, the importance of research lies in recognizing the importance of eating a fast-absorbing nutritional solution that depends in proportion on what was lost during the experiment and its impact on some physiological indicators and on some physical abilities, this is what distinguishes this study as a collection between water only, sugar solutions, and sodium and chloride solutions in one study. As for the research problem, it lies in the fact that the researcher is an international wrestler, as he noticed a lack of interest in the fluids that wrestlers eat after the weight loss process, because of their effective role in returning the body to its natural state, i.e., preparing a nutritional solution that works to compensate for the lost fluids from the body, as is the case in developed countries. As wrestlers often rely on water intake only to compensate for lost fluids from the body as a result of losing weight before entering competitions.

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