Evaluation of Invitro Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Bauhinia Purpurea Leaves

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K. Thamizhvanan, G. Mounika, K. Aliya, R. Sreedhar Reddy, S. Sesidhar Reddy, V. Jeevana, Y. S. Nikhath


Cancer is one of the most life threatening diseases, with more than 100 different types occurring due to some molecular changes within the cell. It is the third leading cause of death worldwide following cardiovascular and infectious diseases. In recent years, more interest has been paid to protect human beings against oxidative damage caused by free radicals which leads to ageing and human diseases like diabetes and cancer. The many medicinal plants are traditionally used for the treatment of many diseases.But there is no scientific report for proving this effect.Through,the literature Survey,we haveĀ  selected the medicinal plant such as bauhinia purpurea (family: fabaceae). This plant is useful in treatment of various diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, amoebic dysentery, inflammatory swelling,and hemorrhage - bleeding and skin disease.

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