Emergency preparedness in a pandemic: Cultural considerations and ethical decision making

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Dr.Anushree Rathore, Dr.Ankita Bhargava, Dr.Mohammad Abu Bakr Siddique, Dr.Karri Tyson, Dr.Ankita Jain, Dr.Ruchita Khade


After COVID-19, it is evident that although pandemics have a negative influence on all types of populations
overall, the most vulnerable people suffer the most. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be one of
the worst to date, it has left us perplexed and worried that it may not be the last one we encounter. Even if the
government has put forth numerous efforts and resources, some social customs and ethical standards have made it
difficult to contain the spread at an early stage. Cultural considerations, ethical decision making, and use of
artificial intelligence might effectively help in combating a public health emergency like COVID-19.

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