Insights into the Potent Anticancer Activity of Couroupita Guianensis Abul. - A Review

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Kotte Raju, Netala Silvia, Kranthi Yalla, Lankadi Devi, Duggirala Naga Lakshmi Divya, R. Bhramaramba, B. Naga Sudha, Kiran Manda, M. Sanjay Samanth


Since olden times, phytochemicals have made significant contributions to humanity because of their useful medicinal properties. Couroupita guianensis Aubl, commonly known as Cannonball tree belongs to the family Lecythidaceae one such plant rich in phytochemicals with potential pharmacological actions. Cannonball tree has gathered global attention because of its huge medicinal values including antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antimycobacterial, analgesic, antiarthritic, anti-biofilm, antifertility, antipyretic, antistress, antiulcer, antidermatophytic, antidiarrheal, wound healing, immunomodulatory activities and anti cancer. It has been reported that C. guianensis is a rich reserve of useful bioactive molecules, specifically the presence of isatin, quercetin, stigmasterol, tryptanthrin, couroupitone A, couroupitone B, steroids, triterpenoids, eugenol, linoleic acid and indirubin is praiseworthy. The present review covers in-depth scientific survey of anti cancer activity of the above sacred plant which may facilitate further useful research for the benefit of mankind.

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