Allergic Rhinitis and its Explanation in Ayurveda – A Review

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Ajay Chavan, Rahul Gujarathi, Dipti Chavan, Sumod Khedekar, Ankita Mukhedkar


Children's and adults' respiratory allergies are a major cause of morbidity. One of the most common disorders of the respiratory system that affects people of all ages and both sexes is allergic rhinitis. Nasal congestion, sneezing, rhinorrhea, itching in the nose, and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis are widespread. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory condition of the nasal mucosa. Effectively managing this condition in a short amount of time continues to be difficult. According to ancient Ayurvedic writings, Vataja Pratishyaya is a condition whose symptoms are like those of allergic rhinitis. Panchakarma therapy's Nasya treatment has shown good results in treating this condition's symptoms. This irritating disorder has no effective cure as of now in the conventional medical system. The need for an effective metric for an equivalent is therefore urgent. Most rhinitis' symptoms are like those of vata-kaphaj pratishaya. This thorough research paper attempts to establish the relationship between rhinitis and Vataja Pratishyaya in Ayurvedic therapy of case study. Ayurveda, the science of life, has the power to guarantee a full recovery when used methodically.


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