Assessment of shear bond strength between composite resin and enamel surface after treating with acid etching and laser etching: A comparative study

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Dr Syed Yasir Qadiri, Dr. Sunil Malhan


Background: to contrast the shear bond strength between acid and laser etching on the enamel surface. Materials and methods: 100 recently extracted maxillary canines were employed in this experiment. These were then primarily split into two groups: Group 1 received acid etching, followed by enamel bonding, whereas Group 2 received laser etching, followed by enamel bonding. Composite bonding to the enamel surface was done in accordance with the methods used by each group. Results: Group I was found to have mean shear bond strength of 63.29 MPa whereas group II was found to have mean shear bond strength of 37.84 MPa. After statistical analysis, it was observed that the samples of acid etching group had significantly greater mean shear bond strength when compared with the laser etching group. Conclusion: In comparison to composites bonded after laser etching, the mean shear bond strength of composites was greater after acid etching.

Keywords: Composite resin, acid etching, laser etching

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