Interlink of Cardiovascular diseases and Male infertility; promoting lifestyle changes and naturopathy as a solution.

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Sagarika Dutta, Taslema Begum, Jogen Ch. Kalita


Cardiovascular diseases like ischemic heart disease, stroke, heart failure and congenital heart defects occurs through  myocardial infarction and angina which mostly is caused by the atherosclerosis or stenosis or a complete occlusion of a single or more arteries have a high mortality rate. All these symptoms are related to male infertility through the underlying pathophysiological issues and the use of medicines with side effects. Different Studies have put forwarded the fact that reports both male and female infertility disorders and cardiovascular diseases have a strong association. This paper tends to focus on the fact that naturopathy and few lifestyle changes in males with minor or severe infertility issues can prevent the initiation of any cardiovascular diseases in the future.

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