1% phytic acid- novel alternative to the conventional etching agent- 37% ortho phosphoric acid – An invitro study

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Ishwarya D., Kavitha Ramar, Victor Samuel A.


Objective: To evaluate and compare the effect of phytic acid and phosphoric acid on bond strength, etch depth and etch pattern in primary teeth


Methodology: 60 extracted non carious primary teeth were randomly divided into 2 groups (Group I: 1% phytic acid and group II: 37%phosphoric acid) with each containing 30 teeth. Dentin surfaces were sectioned and etched with 1% Phytic acid for 15 seconds; in control group  37% Phosphoric acid was used. Etch-and-rinse adhesive followed by composite build-ups was done. The specimens were subjected to tensile testing to evaluate bond strength. The Sectioned buccal surfaces were retained and etched for 15 seconds respectively, rinsed for 15 sec and air dried for 30 seconds. Study surfaces were analyzed by using Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to estimate etch depth and pattern.


Result: The results demonstrated, no differences in etch patterns in both the groups irrespective of etching agent. 1% phytic acid etchant etched deeper than 37% phosphoric acid but there was no statistical significance. Phytic acid produced bond-strength values that were extremely significantly than that of the Phosphoric acid with the mean values was 22.4 ± 3.6 Mpa for phytic acid group and 14.4 ± 4.1 Mpa for 37% phosphoric acid.


Conclusion: Phytic acid etching showed increased etch depth and similar etch pattern when compared to phosphoric acid and produced significantly higher bond strength 37% phosphoric acid.

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