Fetomaternal outcome in pregnancy following spontaneous abortion

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Dr. Nupur Ghosh, Dr. Kajal Kumar Patra, Dr. Ankur Biswas, Dr. Kishore P Madhwani


Background: Spontaneous pregnancy loss is a common event, it is the most common complication of pregnancy. About 70% of human conceptions fails to achieve viability and an estimated 50% are lost before the 1st missed menstrual period. Aims and objectives: The present study was done to study was to study the fetomaternal outcome following spontaneous abortion .Methods: The present prospective study included patients with history of previous spontaneous abortion admitted in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Burdwan, West Bengal, India betweenJanuary 2022 and December 2022. The patients were either booked (minimum 3 visits in antenatal outdoor clinic) oradmitted for the first time as an emergency. The detailed history about previous abortions was taken and routine aswell as investigations for possible etiologies of previous abortions were done. All the patients were observed for complications during presentpregnancy. Statistical data were analysed by using Microsoft Excel and SPSS V.20 software. Results: Maximum patients belong to age group of 19-25 years i.e. 77 (72%) followed by 26-30 years 24 (24%). Mean age was 23.36 years.In the present study 66% patients belonged to urban areas and out of 100 patients 72 were booked and 28 un-booked. Placenta previa was present in 16% of mothers and placental abruption was present in 8% mothers. Pregnancy induced hypertension was present in 16% mothers. Induction of labor was present in 16% mothers cesarean section was present in 24% of mothers.Preterm delivery <32 weeks was 12% and <36 weeks were 20%. Low birth weight was present in 24% cases and Fetal growth restriction was present in 12% cases. Conclusion: From the study it was observed that patients with history of previous spontaneous abortion are associated with adverse pregnancy outcome. The pregnancy outcome in terms of maternal and foetal complications can be improved by giving proper antenatal care.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Spontaneous abortion, Preterm delivery, Still birth

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