Overview of Herbal Medicine Use in Gastroenteritis in Saudi Arabia

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Sawsan Saeed Alkami


Background: Herbal and traditional medicines have long been a cornerstone of healthcare practices in various cultures worldwide, particularly in regions like Saudi Arabia. Despite the advances in modern medicine, many individuals in these regions continue to rely heavily on these age-old practices. Across a series of studies conducted from 2020 to 2023, the utilization and perceptions of these remedies among the Saudi Arabian population were scrutinized.

Findings: The investigations have highlighted a pervasive reliance on herbal and traditional remedies. The studies collectively demonstrate that a significant proportion of both adults and children in Saudi Arabia resort to these treatments, often without seeking professional advice. While many perceive these remedies as safer alternatives to modern medicine, there's a considerable gap in knowledge about potential risks and side effects.

Conclusion: The studies provide a comprehensive understanding of the deep-rooted cultural reliance on herbal and traditional medicines in Saudi Arabia. Despite the ubiquity of these remedies, there's a pronounced lack of professional guidance availed by users, emphasizing the urgent need for increased awareness, education, and regulatory oversight. To ensure the health and safety of the population, healthcare providers, educators, and policymakers in the region are advised to address this trend proactively. Bridging the divide between traditional beliefs and modern medical knowledge is imperative for the safe and effective use of herbal and traditional medicines

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