Formulation and Evaluation of Selegiline Nanoparticles

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Jogannagari Nikhila, V. T. Iswariya, T. Rama Rao


Due to its reproducibility and ease in formulation, the controlled drug release system is one of the most popular methods of novel drug delivery. Controlling drug release with nanotechnology helps to enhance the medicine's pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters.By lowering the dose and frequency of administration and limiting both the local and systemic harmful effects, the approach increases patient compliance. The current study project's objective was to create and assess Selegiline nanoparticles, an anti-Parkinson drug, utilizing the emulsion solvent evaporation process.Selegiline has a very short half-life of 1.5-3.5 hour with bioavailability oral 10%. Sustained release nanoparticles of Selegiline were prepared to increase the drug residence time in gastrointestinal tract and thus improving the bioavailability of drug.According to the findings, formulation F9, which uses a combination of polymers and contains Selegiline nanoparticles, evolved as the best formulation and releases more than 98.9% of the drug in 20 hours.There are no drug-excipient interactions in the improved formulation, according to IR spectroscopic measurements. The improved formulation F9 is a potential Sustained ReleaseSelegiline nanoparticles are a medication delivery method that offers almost zero order drug release over the course of 24 hours.

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