Interracial Comparison of Ten-Digit Fingerprints of Different Regions of India and Africa

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Lalit Panwar, Priyanka Verma


Dermatoglyphics can be stated as the science which usually studies related to the epidermal pattern of a ridge on the soles, palms, and fingers. Fingerprints can be stated as the impression of the ridge crests through the skin friction within the ventral surface of digits. Fingerprints play a crucial role in the science of conducting a criminal investigation related to the identification of a person because of their uniqueness as well as they can be considered as conclusive evidence in front of the court. The Dermatoglyphic study of fingerprints is also taken at the duration of the study while utilizing the method of standard ink. Around 200 samples of fingerprints were analyzed, compared, collected, evaluated as well as verified by the students of Indian and African regions studying in the common university altogether in India. The fingerprints are also collected then classified and distributed among the three patterns of whorls, arches, and loops within the Indian and African regions. Samples of the 10-digit fingerprints are taken so that the differences among the fingerprints within the Indian region as well as African region needs to be identified on the basis of analyzing the 10-digit fingerprints on behalf of evaluating the interracial comparison on behalf of the sexual dimorphism.

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