In-Vitro Characterization and Development of Cationic Polysaccharide Gel of Rogaine

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Anjali, Akanksha Chandra, Jyoti Sinha, Gaurav Saxena, Anand Kumar Malayalam


The major concern of topical fabrications is to facilitatively administer API into the area wherever it is required, consistently on external and manifest dermis membranes and exterior mucosa. Minoxidil (Rogaine) was initially considered a blood pressure-lowering agent, but over time, it was also considered hypertrichosis for patients suffering from scarcer trichome problems. To make the genesis of an ideal fabrication, we must always look for permeation of a formulation where it is needed and whereby holding of API is vital. Three Formulations were developed as a part of this study CPM2, CPM4 and CPM6. Amongst the 3 formulations formulation, CPM2 was found to be most suitable as per the initial assessment, and also subsequent release studies indicate that formulation CPM2 can be a suitable candidate for the management of male pattern baldness.

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