Analysis of nickel levels in the saliva of patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment: An observational study

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Dr. Shreyas Damodar Gedam, Dr. Prashanth R, Dr.Rohit Wadhwa


Background: To evaluate the nickel concentrations in the saliva of patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment.

Materials & methods: One hundred people below the age of thirty who were all set to have permanent orthodontic treatment were included. In order to get an idea of what the patients' baseline nickel levels were like, we took two samples of stimulated saliva before and after the fixed device was placed. The results were analyzed with SPSS. These samples' nickel values were measured by autoanalyzer and reported in micro g/L.

Results:The average age of the patients was 23.2 years. At the start of the trial, the mean concentration of nickel in participants' saliva was 4.3 micrograms/L. There was a slight improvement in the measurements and the nickel levels were 12.9 micrograms per liter after twelve days of orthodontic treatment. Nickel levels throughout time were compared, and substantial differences were revealed.

Conclusion: Salivary nickel and chromium levels increased after the placement of fixed orthodontic appliances compared to pre-treatment levels.

Keywords: Orthodontic, Treatment, Saliva

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