Diabetes and dental implant prognosis

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Dr. Japnit Kaur Samlok, Dr. Zabin Mirza, Dr. Fozia Sultana,Dr. Divya Vyas, Dr. Vrishti Bansal



Background: This study was carried outfor evaluating the prognosis of dental implants among diabetic patients. Materials & methods:This study included fifty people whose diabetes was under control, and fifty healthy adults who acted as controls. Each patient's Performa was crafted following the establishment of a comprehensive clinical profile. Each participant was put through an extensive oral examination. All patients' hemodynamic and biochemical profiles were assessed at the start of treatment. Only patients who met these criteria were considered for inclusion in a prosthetic rehabilitation program for a missing mandibular first molar. Everyone who needed treatment received dental implants. Prognoses were made for each patient after 6 months based on their imaging and clinical data. Results: Patients in the control group averaged 44 years old, whereas those in the non-diabetes group were 53. In both categories, males made up the majority of those who took part. The success rate of dental implant therapy in adults with well-controlled diabetes was 80%, compared to 96% in the control group. The dental implant therapy outcomes for both groups were similar. Conclusion: Under strictly controlled glycemic parameters, dental implant therapy for diabetic people has demonstrated good outcomes.

Key words: Diabetes, Dental, Implants


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