A preliminary study on the spiders Diversity found in Auxilium college (Autonomous) Campus, Tamil Nadu, India

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Rebecca Vinolia, A. Mary Agnes


A study on spider diversity of Auxilium College campus, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India's was done. 34 species, 30 genera, and 10 families were identified. Araneidae (8 species), Hersillidae (1 species), Lycosidae (2 species), Oxyopidae (6 species), Pholcidae (2 species), Salticidae (8 species), Sparassidae (3 species), Tetragnathidae (2 species), Thomisidae (1 species), and Uloboridae (1 species) were the major families, with Sparassidae (1 species) being the least prevalent group. The many habitat types and biological elements on campus are demonstrated by the wide variety of spider species. The current study creates a baseline of information for more arachnology research, and it is the first of it organise for the Vellore District in Tamil Nadu.

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