Precise and predictable esthetic rehabilitation through porcelain laminate veneers: A case report

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Roma Goswami, Dr. Anshul Trivedi, Dr. Apoorva Mowar, Dr. Sumit Phukela, Dr. Gowhar Majid


Nowadays, patients have become esthetically conscious but at the same time desire a
conservative treatment. An alternative to conventional full veneer crowns are direct or
indirect laminate veneer restorations. Porcelain laminate veneers are considered to be the
treatment of choice for cases with spacing between the teeth, as the preparation is
minimally invasive and confined to enamel. However, the success of Porcelain laminate
veneers depends upon proper case selection, careful planning and execution of various
clinical and lab steps with accuracy. This case report describes a step- by- step rehabilitation
of a 25 year old esthetically conscious patient with spacing in maxillary anterior region.

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