Knowledge of Obstructive Sleep Apnea among Dental Fraternity in a known population

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Dr. Rutuj G Jadhav, Dr. Benal Vijayalaxmi D, Dr. Avinash Kumar, Dr. V. N. Parameshwaran, Dr. Harmeet Singh Sachdeva, Dr.Heram Singh6


Background: This study was conducted to assess the Knowledge of Obstructive Sleep
Apnoea among Dental Fraternity in a known population
Material and methods: Final-year dental students, interns, academics, dental practitioners,
and specialists were randomly selected to participate in a cross-sectional, self-administered
questionnaire survey. A questionnaire with 16 multiple-choice questions was developed to
gauge respondents' OSA-related knowledge and awareness. The questionnaire also required
respondents to identify themselves by gender, educational level, and number of years in the
field. Only those who were both willing and able to fill out the entire questionnaire were
considered for inclusion in the study.
Results: Out of 100 participants who filled the questionnaire, 50 were males and 50 were
females. The outcomes demonstrated that oral surgeons had an in-depth understanding of
OSA, with 80% of participants receiving perfect scores for their right answers.
Conclusion: Based on our findings, dentists should be educated on obstructive sleep apnea
(OSA) and its diagnostic criteria in order to better serve their patients.
Keywords: OSA, Dentists, Knowledge.

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