PrevalanceOf Hypertension In Hospital Staff At Rural Hospital, Pachod

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Dr. Sudhir Pohregaonkar, Dr. Anjanvatikar Akshay kumarVitthalrao, Dr. Antara Sudhir Pohregaonkar, Dr. Vijay kumar S Gulwe


Background:Hypertension, a widespread health issue, poses a significant risk to individuals' wellbeing and public health. This cross-sectional study, conducted among hospital staff at the rural
hospital, Pachod, aims to investigate the prevalence of hypertension and its associated factors within
this specific population.
Materials and Methods:Data collection involved medical records and structured interviews to assess
hypertension prevalence and associated risk factors among hospital staff. Comprehensive statistical
analyses, including Chi-square tests, were applied to examine the data.
Results:Our study reveals a notable prevalence of hypertension among hospital staff rural hospital,
Pachod with 5 cases detected (p=0.03). Additionally, lifestyle factors, such as physical inactivity, were
identified as contributing to hypertension in 3 cases (p=0.05). Although age and gender did not
exhibit a significant impact on hypertension in our study, there was a tendency towards older
Conclusion:This research underscores the significance of understanding hypertension prevalence and
its associated factors within the specific context of hospital staff in rural hospital, Pachod. It
emphasizes the importance of early detection and intervention in addressing this health concern.
Keywords:Hypertension, Prevalence, Hospital Staff, Rural Hospital, Risk Factors, Lifestyle, Public

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