Are Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Remedy for Metabolic Disorders? - A Health Practitioners’ Perspective

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Ruchu Kuthiala, Sanyogita Deshmukh


Background: In past few years there has been major changes in the living standards and eating behaviours in the developing countries. In habit of aping different cultures there has been detrimental changes in the lifestyle of the people. The global shift toward natural remedies for metabolic disorders emphasizes the potential of nutraceuticals and functional foods. These natural products contain beneficial compounds like antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, offering safer alternatives to pharmaceuticals with fewer side effects. This study aims to establish the use of Nutraceuticals and functional Foods as an alternative approach for metabolic disorders.

Methods: A cross sectional Study was designed where the role and importance of Nutraceuticals and functional foods as preventive medicine was analyzed with the help of structured questionnaire from 106 respondents practicing as health practioners in Pimpri Chinchwad area of Pune. Convenient sampling method was used to collect the primary data for the study. Data analysis was done through Mean and t-test. 

Results: A significant value of P < 0.05, was seen with all aspects defining Health Practitioners' Confidence, Identifying Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Integrating Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Clinical Practice and Health Practitioners' Attitudes Towards Collaborative Efforts with Nutritionists and Dietitians for Optimizing Patient Outcomes

Conclusion: Health practitioner’s express confidence in nutraceuticals' benefits despite perceived barriers like time constraints. They emphasize standardized guidelines and interdisciplinary teamwork as crucial facilitators. Their positive collaboration attitudes with nutritionists highlight a commitment to optimize metabolic disorder management through joint efforts, prioritizing patient-centered, tailored care strategies.

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