Deep Neck Space Infections Leading To Life - Threatening Condition: Case Series

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Dr. Mamta Singh, Dr. Bhoopendra Singh Rajput, Dr. Swapnil Singh, Dr. Radhika Vyas, Dr. Sourabh Oza, Dr. Shubham Gupta




Deep neck space infections typically has odontogenic origin and pose a therapeutic challenge because of the intricate anatomy and the potential for spreading to neighbouring neck spaces.An odontogenic space infection is a perfect example of how minor ailments left unaddressed can escalate into life-threatening conditions in the realm of dental practice. Odontogenic space infections, basically originates from dental sources and potentially spread into the deep fascial spaces in the head and neck due to complex anatomy. Deep space infections can possibly lead to serious complications, including the risk of fatal transformations such as mediastinitis, airway obstruction, Ludwig’s angina and sepsis which can even cause death. We present three such cases that were complicated by deep neck space infection. In one case, the patient presented pain and swelling in the lower left side of face which on clinical examination and pathological findings revealed to be a submandibular space infection which later was spread towards the mediastinum. The second case was necrotizing fasciitis where the patient was unable to maintain oxygen saturation throughout. In the third case, the patient presented with pain and swelling over the right side of the face leading to deep neck space infection causing tracheal compression. The fourth case was again of necrotizing fasciitis which landed the patient in quite critical condition.


Keywords: Deep neck space infection (DNIs), Odontogenic, Risk factors, Mediastinitis, Ludwig’s angina, Necrotizing fasciitis

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